Coloration Technology誌から環境にやさしい染色技術の特集号(無料公開中)

The Society of Dyers and Colourists (SDC, 英国染料染色学会) の公式誌 Coloration Technology が、環境にやさしい染色技術に関する論文を集めた特集号 Green Chemistry を無料公開しています。ぜひご利用下さい。
 ⇒ Coloration Technology: Special Issue, Green Chemistry

- 目次 -

  • Different shades of green
  • Progress towards a greener textile industry
  • Dyeing wool with a sulphur black dye using a sodium borohydride /sodium bisulphite reducing system
  • Removal of Erioglaucine (Acid Blue 9) with a new coagulant agent from Acacia mearnsii tannin extract
  • Adsorption characteristics of CI Basic Blue 3 from aqueous solution onto Aleppo pine-tree sawdust
  • Degradation of azo dye by the fluidised-bed Fenton process
  • Reuse of the water and salt of reactive dyeing effluent after electrochemical decolorisation
  • Investigation into photocatalytic decolorisation of CI Reactive Black 5 using titanium dioxide nanopowder
  • Effects of molecular structure on dyeing performance and colour fastness of yellow dyestuffs applied to polypropylene fibres in supercritical carbon dioxide
  • Relationship between colour fastness and colour strength of polypropylene fabrics dyed in supercritical carbon dioxide: effect of chemical structure in 1,4-bis(alkylamino)anthraquinone dyestuffs on dyeing performance
  • Improving light fastness of natural dye: photostabilisation of gardenia blue
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