Journal of Advanced Transportation誌が「アジアの交通問題」特集号を刊行

Journal of Advanced Transportation cover交通工学の専門誌Journal of Advanced Transportationの新しい特集号 “Current Transportation Issues in Asian Countries” では、経済発展と人口増加に伴ってアジア諸国で近年浮上してきたさまざまな交通問題を取り上げています。

- 収録論文の一部 -
Reform Beijing to a public transit oriented city – from the view of transportation equity
Jing Shi, Zhaozhang Wu, Jangwon Jin

Implementation of community flood risk communication in Kumamoto, Japan
Fumihiko Yamada, Ryuji Kakimoto, Miyuki Yamamoto, Toshio Fujimi, Naoto Tanaka

Effects of regulation changes in seoul bus system: private bus operation under non-competitive fixed price contract
Songju Kim, Euiyoung Shon

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