Addiction誌から「脱法ドラッグ問題」オンライン特集号 - 関連論文を無料公開(2013年9月末まで)


薬物中毒問題に関する専門誌Addictionでは、この脱法ドラッグの問題を医学的・社会的見地から取り上げた過去数年の論文を集め、オンライン特集号(Virtual Issue)として2013年9月末までの期間限定で無料公開を開始しました。この問題の国際的な広がりと各国の取り組みを知る上で有益な論文が集められていますので、この機会にぜひご利用下さい。

■ 「脱法ドラッグ問題」オンライン特集号
The legal and public health response to novel psychoactive drugs icon_free (2013年9月末まで無料公開)

・Editorial: Getting up to speed with the public health and regulatory challenges posed by new psychoactive substances in the information age

・ 収録論文

  • Acute toxicity due to the confirmed consumption of synthetic cannabinoids: clinical and laboratory findings
  • Controlling new drugs under marketing regulations
  • Against Excess
  • New Zealand to establish fit for purpose regulation for new psychoactive substances
  • The dangerous charms of the unknown
  • Supply always comes on the heels of demand: what effects to do control strategies have on drug users themselves?
  • No quick fix for legal highs
  • Cognitive and subjective effects of mephedrone and factors influencing use of a new “legal high”
  • Scheduling of newly emerging drugs: a critical review of decisions over 40 years
  • Optimizing drug scheduling
  • Mephedrone: use, subjective effects and health risks
  • Mephedrone: new kid for the chop?
  • Legal highs and the challenges for policy makers
  • Warning: legal synthetic cannabinoid-receptor agonists such as JWH-018 may precipitate psychosis in vulnerable individuals
  • How globalization and market innovation challenge how we think about and respond to drug use: ‘Spice’ a case study
  • Dangers of banning spice and the synthetic cannabinoid agents
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