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Wiley suggests that authors from non-English speaking countries have their manuscript reviewed and corrected by English Language Services before submission. Below is a list of recommended English Editing services. Authors who want to have their paper checked and improved can contact any of these services before submission. Please note that this is an optional service, paid for by the author.

For any questions please contact English Language Services listed below directly.

  1. Wiley Editing Services
  2. BiomEditor―Bio/Life/Envoronmental Sciences
  3. Online English―All fields in STM, Business and Social Sciences
  4. Phoebus―All fields in STM
  5. Yamada English Service―All fields in STM

a. Wiley Editing Services

Wiley Editing Services is a service from the international scientific, technical, medical, and scholarly publishing business of Wiley, with strengths in every major academic and professional field and partnerships with many of the world’s leading societies. Wiley publishes more than 1,600 peer-reviewed journals and 1,500+ new books annually in print and online, as well as databases, major reference works and laboratory protocols.

b. BiomEditor

BIOMEDITOR edits, revises, rewrites and critiques manuscripts, grant proposals and technical documents for investigators in the biological and medical sciences, including researchers whose native language is not English. Our primary goal is to help fellow scientists advance their important research. Confidentiality is maintained at all times.

Areas of specialty
Behavior, biochemistry, cell biology, development, evolution, genetics, immunology, medicine, molecular biology, neuroscience, pharmacology, structural biology
Type of service
Two editors perform: scientific content editing and critique, copyediting, language checking, rewriting
Rates & normal average length for each service
Our historical average rate has been ~US$10 per standard (8.5 x 11-inch) double-spaced page. The revision usually requires 7 days or less (faster service may be requested).
Payment information
Payment is accepted by:
  • Credit card (Visa or MasterCard)
  • Check (bank check, money order, certified check, personal check)
  • Electronic wire transfer
Contact information
Timothy C. Taylor, Ph.D.
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c. Online English

OnLine English provides a professional editing (English correction and improvement) service to those who need to reach an international audience.

OnLine English provides:
  • access to a large, expert team of academic and scientific consultants, covering all academic areas, and
  • a fast, efficient way of converting the English of your documents to English of the highest quality.

OnLine English provides these services to scientists and academics whose first language is not English and who publish in the English-language academic press. These researchers require an editing service whose rigorous standards match those of the international scientific publishing industry.

OnLine English systems for managing quality and customer satisfaction are verified independently by a recognized auditing agency. The quality of the OnLine English service has been certified as being managed, controlled and assured by a registered ISO 9001:2008 quality system. OnLine English appears to be the only service of its type that is quality assured to this standard.
Rates, document turn-around times and payment information
The OnLine English standard fee is based on a standard turn-around time. The standard turn-around time is as follows:
  • fewer than 400 words, two days
  • 400 - 1,999 words, three days
  • 2,000 - 5,999 words, four days
  • 6,000 - 7,999 words, five days
  • 8,000 - 9,999 words, six days
  • 10,000 - 11,999 words, seven days
  • longer documents, by negotiation.
The fee for the standard service is:
  • AU$65.00 document fee, plus
  • AU$94.50 per 1,000 words.
We also offer an Express service.

We accept secure on-line payments by credit card (VISA, MasterCard and American Express) or PayPal.
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d. Phoebus, Medical & Technical Editing Services

PHOEBUS provides copy-editing services for international researchers writing in English. Most of our customers use our editing service while preparing manuscripts for English-language professional journals. When we copy-edit a paper, we correct spelling, grammar, punctuation, and syntax so that it reads and sounds natural to a native English-speaker. We ensure consistent style and format throughout the paper. We treat all material from our customers with strict confidentiality.

We currently charge $55.65 U.S. per hour, or $27.80 U.S. per page (300 words per page), whichever is less, plus postage or FAX charges. We have a minimum charge of $32.55 U.S. Papers are edited on a first-come/first-served basis. However, we can move your paper to the front of our queue at our special "rush rate" of double our normal fee. In addition, we always try to return small papers (<600 words) within 1-2 business days. Our turnaround time varies with the number of papers we have in our queue.

We prefer to accept papers by electronic-mail. We have had the best results with attached papers saved in Rich Text Format (RTF). Figures can be sent by FAX or by e-mail in PICT, TIFF, JPEG, PDF, or ChemDraw format.

We will notify you of your final bill when we return your edited material to you. While invoices are usually sent by e-mail (PDF format) or FAX, we can also send your invoice to you by airmail, at your request. We accept payment by check, International Money Order, International Postal Money Order, wire transfer or credit card (MasterCard or Visa).

Jeff W. McCaull
P.O. Box 772, Eastsound,
WA 98245, USA
FAX: 786-524-3353
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e. Yamada English Services (Y.E.S.)

Yamada English Services (Y.E.S.) consists of a small group of professional editors, each of whom at one time worked in Tokyo rewriting and editing technical research papers and journal articles. Now we are located all over the world, linked by the Internet. We are skilled at substantive editing, copyediting, and proofreading manuscripts written for first-rate English-language journals and other publications.

Because we work through the Internet, we are able to serve clients regardless of their location, although we are most familiar with articles and publications written in English by Japanese authors. It is a simple matter to attach a document file to an e-mail message and send it to us. We do the work you request and return the finished product via e-mail. Today's technology puts our services as close as your desktop computer.

We generally work in Microsoft Word for Windows, but are also able to convert most any other document format. Our goal is high-quality work and fast, convenient service. We are ready to help you produce the finest articles possible.

Yamada English Services is affiliated with Brannen Nihongo Services in Japan and J-E Link in the USA.

As our company expands, so do our services. Currently, we provide services for both paper and electronic publications. Our work is done directly in the file you submit, and then returned to you. Always retain a copy of the work you submit to us. Similarly, with material that is faxed to us, the editing is done directly on paper and faxed back to you. There is an extra charge for entering the material from paper onto electronic media.
We make our changes directly within the body of the manuscript. The document we return will include the editor's annotations. Questionable terms will be highlighted for easy visibility. Although all editors are experienced in rewriting research papers and journal articles, and have even coached authors in oral presentations of their research, Y.E.S. does not claim to have the expertise of the author. Therefore, questionable technical terms will be marked and annotated but not corrected. The author can then make the final decision as to the use or spelling of the term.
Substantive editing
As needed, we reorganize and rewrite the article or document, with the goal of developing content that is logical, accurate, and complete, presenting it appropriately for the intended audience. We usually handle copyediting tasks at the same time.
Copyediting: We check for errors of spelling, grammar, punctuation, and diction, ensure consistency of style throughout the document, and eliminate confusing and awkward writing.
Proofreading: We take an already-edited document and look at it one final time, checking for any remaining errors and inconsistencies.
Because of the variety of material we work with, and the varied demands of authors, our standard rates are based on hours rather than words. Nevertheless, we have also provided a basic page rate to facilitate cost estimates. A page is considered to be 250 English words in the input document, based on the word processor count. (We have found that charging by the number of words in the output document tends to verbosity.) All rates are negotiable and are likely to be reduced as we become familiar with an author's work. As currency exchange rates fluctuate, our rates are subject to adjustment.

General topics
  • Proofreading and copyediting: 3850yen per hour or JPY1000 per 250-word page
  • Substantive editing: JPY4500 per hour or JPY1500 per 250-word page
Technical material
  • Proofreading and copyediting: JPY4500 per hour or JPY1500 per 250-word page
  • Substantive editing: JPY6000 per hour or JPY2250 per 250-word page
  • Transferring material from paper onto electronic media: JPY2500 per hour

A minimum charge of JPY5000 applies to each job accepted by Y.E.S. Rush jobs will be surcharged 50%. Y.E.S. bases its estimate on a document's word count, the topic, the work needed, and any time constraints. For a firm job estimate, we must see the entire job.
To send Y.E.S. an inquiry regarding our services, or to obtain an estimate, send your request via e-mail to: wiley@yesgroup.com.
We will promptly (within 24 hours) reply with the information you requested. Our estimate will include cost and turnaround time. To signify your acceptance of the estimate, simply send your work as an MSWord document attached to an e-mail message addressed to: job@yesgroup.com. In your message, indicate the job estimate number assigned by Y.E.S. We will confirm receipt of the document and verify the word count and charges.

Jobs may also be sent to us via fax at (03)5694-3775 or by postal service to:
Yamada English Service
1-11-15 Minami Koiwa
Edogawa-ku, Tokyo 133-0056.
However. since our editors reside in four continents, we much prefer to receive jobs via e-mail.
Delivery turnaround
Barring any unforeseen circumstances (an extremely large job, network provider failure, etc.), Y.E.S. will return the completed job according to the turnaround time provided in the estimate. Our goal for most ordinary research papers is to complete the job within 72 hours of receipt by Y.E.S.
In most cases,* Y.E.S. will include an invoice with the completed document. The author/customer may then use either of the following methods to settle the account within 15 days.
*Special payment and rate considerations will apply to very large jobs and frequent customers.

By kakitome to:
Yamada English Services
1-11-15 Minami Koiwa
Edogawa-ku, Tokyo 133-0056

By furikomi to:
Sakura Bank, Koiwa Branch (#643)
Ordinary account #5426330
Account name: Y.E.S
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