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An official journal of the Japan Chemical Journal Forum (consisting of 8 chemical societies from Japan)
The Chemical Record - 名古屋シルバーメダル受賞者特集号を刊行



この度The Chemical Record誌は,同賞のこれまでの発展と受賞者のご活躍を記念して,特集号を発行いたしました。

この特集号では,Editor-in-Chiefを務める山本尚先生による introduction とともに,各受賞者からの特別寄稿を掲載しています。


1999 Keisuke Suzuki

Lessons from total synthesis of hybrid natural products
2001 Eiichi Nakamura

In vitro and in vivo gene delivery with tailor-designed aminofullerenes
2002 Shu Kobayashi

Polymer-incarcerated metal(0) cluster catalysts
2003 Makoto Fujita

Pericyclic reactions in an aqueous molecular flask
2004 Keiji Maruoka

Highly practical amino acid and alkaloid synthesis using designer chiral phase transfer catalysts as high-performance organocatalysts
2005 Michinori Suginome

Catalytic carboborations
2006 Jun-ichi Yoshida

Flash chemistry: flow microreactor synthesis based on high-resolution reaction time control
2007 Mikiko Sodeoka

Development of selective inhibitors of necrosis
2008 Masahiro Murakami

Rhodium-catalyzed restructuring of carbon frameworks
2009 Kyoko Nozaki

Coordination-insertion copolymerization of polar vinyl monomers by palladium catalysts

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